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About Hlangane

When June Reynolds opened Hlangane Recycling in 2001, her aim was to create jobs while striving toward environmental, social and economic sustainability. This was implemented by offering recycling and waste management services in Johannesburg, Gauteng.

Now, 13 years later, Hlangane Recycling employs more than 50 workers and since partnering with Stanley Ngobeni, are fully BEE compliant. In 2006, Hlangane Recycling were named finalists in the Midrand Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Business of the Year Awards. Two years later, Hlangane Recycling was also named as finalists in the Radio 702 / Softline, Small Business Awards for their recycling services. In the coming years, Hlangane Recycling aims to be named as the number one business in the small businesses category.

Recycling and waste management has been going on for thousands of years. In 500 BC, Athens opened it’s first municipal dump. In the industrial times there was evidence of scrap and bronze being collected – this was used, along with dust from wood and coal fires, as building material. The South African public are still very new to recycling and in the National Environmental Management Act no59 of 2008, the government put down strict laws and policies to promote recycling. This act stipulates that waste is to be minimised, recycled and disposed of properly. Polluters will be liable to fines for waste management. Disposing of your waste can be a tiresome operation but with Hlangane Recycling you can rest easy, knowing all your waste disposal needs are taken care of effectively.

A more modern example of a great recycling project is Brooklyn Bridge Park in New York. It is projects like these that inspire Hlangane Recycling to do what we do.
With a firm reputation as one of the top recycling companies in Gauteng, Hlangane Recycling can handle any rubbish removal and safety disposal projects.

Recyclable Materials

Hlangane Recycling can recycle the following materials:
Paper Paper
Plastics Plastics
Glass Glass
Metal Metal
E-Waste E-Waste