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About Recycling Companies in Gauteng

recycle In order to preserve the environment for generations to come, we need to REDUCE the amount of natural resources we use to manufacture products.
The best way of reducing our use of natural resources, is to REUSE the products we manufacture.
In order to reuse products, we need to RECYCLE. By finding a way to make new products from the waste, we can make a sustainable difference – not only by saving the environment, but also in creating jobs for the people of South Africa.

The Recycling Process

RecycleTreeThe first step is to separate recyclable waste from organic waste. Hlangane Recycling collects your waste, either daily or once a week.Once the waste is with us, we sort it into manageable groups. This way we ensure that the waste is of acceptable quality, before being sent to the manufacturers. Using totally or partially recycled materials, the manufacturers then produce products that can be used again – the newly recycled products are purchased and can be reused. Hlangane Recycling assists you in your recycling efforts by offering labour to support your waste recycling, wheely bins and skips to discard your waste and once-off clean-up operations. For more information about the recycling process and what we can offer you, please contact us.