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Hlangane Recycling

Hlangane {Zulu} verb: To collect or gather.

Hlangane Recycling is one of the leading recycling and waste removal companies in Johannesburg. We offer a range of services that are aimed at protecting the environment, through the reducing, recycling and reusing of natural materials.

Through our 13 years of experience, we have worked with a range of environmentally conscious clients which include:


Recycling is an age-old practice and it includes the following benefits:

  • Saving and reusing of raw materials
  • Reduction in air pollution
  • Reduction in water pollution
  • Reduction in energy consumption
  • Minimising the negative environmental impact of litter
  • Saves landfill space
  • Provides income for companies who buy, recycle and sell products
  • Saves municipal costs
  • And most important of all, recycling creates jobs

Hlangane Recycling assists in the sorting, removing and recycling of paper, plastics, glass, aluminium, steel and electronic waste.
We are not only committed to saving the environment, a big part of Hlangane Recycling is aimed at uplifting the community by creating jobs and helping out various charities. We believe in supporting Mother Nature, the community and the animals who cannot always support themselves.

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We proudly continue to support the SPCA as well as various orphanages in Gauteng.
At Hlangane, our hearts are filled with the knowledge that we can do a number of small things to make a big difference in the lives of the South African people…
For more information about Hlangane Recycling and Recycling as a whole, please visit the About Us page.